Melting pot of nice typeografik work

Typo found on Instagram 27
The truth is that we found some…

Some cool free fonts

50 Handpicked Free Fonts for Designers

PUMA: Mobium

This Parallel scrolling site is very entertaining. It remember me those old platform games on nintendo. It make a great user experience. 

One of my last work. An app for car rental. 
I’ll add some screen details if you guys like it.

Mametosca. An interesting font, curvy and sofisticated

I never say no to an inspiring font.

Wordpress Themes for Responsive Websites | Wordpress Themes | Graphic Design Junction

Some great responsive WordPress.

An interesting app design for travellers
(via GUI/UI. | GUI)



100 Fonts of the Year: 30-21

Today I began choosing the 100 fonts of the 2013, these are the first 10 fonts (90 to 81) click on the names if you want to see more details:

13.Lust Script
14.Festivo Letters 
15.No. Seven 
16.Rolling Pen
18.Lunchbox Slab
19.Magallanes Condensed
20.Helia Font

You can check the full details in this site dedicated to the 100 fonts of 2013:

I wanted to hold a bit more these last 10 fonts of the year :) I hope you’re enjoying this new year’s eve.